¡Para tu tranquilidad y la de tus peques nuestra TIENDA ONLINE sigue gestionando tus compras! 
Tras el comunicado oficial del Gobierno emitido el 28 de marzo, te contamos las medidas que hemos adoptado en estos momentos excepcionales. Leénos con calma y una sonrisa porque seguimos trabajando para que sus aventuras nunca paren
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How do I place an order on www.tienda.garvalin.com?

  • We do not ship to France

1- Select products

  • Browse our online store and click on the model that you like most to see it in more detail.
  • Select the size, colour and quantity you want and click on "Add to basket"
  • You can continue shopping or complete your order. When you choose "Complete Purchase”, we will show you a summary of your selection.
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2- Delivery details

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  • Address: check that all details are correct to avoid delivery delays.
  • If everything is fine, go to the checkout to pay your purchase.

3- Confirm and complete order

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