Des sandales pour enfant dans une peau Tommy


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Spot Bioevolution


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  • Bioevolution. Footwear capable of resisting heavy-duty use and able to provide great freedom of movement. Developed in partnership with the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia, it features an exclusive evolutionary last which in addition to changing size, changes shape for each shoe size. Its broad toe and instep permit correct growth of the foot and toes. Comfortable interior with no chafing, thermal comfort, maximum breathability and natural motion that favours the natural movement of the foot. Made from chrome and brass-free natural materials. The properties and technology of its footwear made Biomecanics the first children’s footwear label to become a Spanish Paediatrics’ Association Collaborating Organisation.

    • Carbono Activo

    • Cuero Transpirable

    • Gran Resistencia

    • Hiper Ventilación

    • Horma Evolutiva

    • Máxima Estabilidad

    • Sin Cromo

    • Sin Níquel

    • Forro interno en piel

    • Extra Ligereza

    • Asociacion Pediatria

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