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Garvalín | Biomecanics


Preparation and shipping: 24/48 working hours
Delivery: 4-5 working days


Can I make returns or returns for exchange?

Yes, you can make returns and returns for exchange by following the usual steps. Instructions HERE


Is the PVP of the promotion maintained in returns for exchange?

The discount will be respected as long as the return for exchange is made for the same model in a different size

The size I need is not available to make the return for exchange

We are very sorry, but we cannot guarantee size availability. In this case you can choose another model or process the return without change. Return instructions HERE


When making the new purchase, the price is no longer on sale. What should I do?

No problem! If during the days of the promotion you make purchases in our online store and later you need to process a return for exchange, follow these steps:

Make the new purchase with the price that appears on the web
When we receive in our warehouse the products that you return to us, we will make a refund taking into account the discount of the promotion IMPORTANT: only for returns for changes in size of the same model/combination


Is the discount maintained if in the new purchase I choose a different reference?

In this case, we will not be able to maintain the promotion discount. Remember, the discount applies only to returns for exchange of the same model and / or combination


Can I make the return in a physical store?

All returns or refunds for changes of orders made in our official online store must be made following the instructions HERE