How do I place an order on


1- Select products

  • Browse our online store and click on the model that you like most to see it in more detail.
  • Select the size, colour and quantity you want and click on "Add to basket"
  • You can continue shopping or complete your order. When you choose "Complete Purchase”, we will show you a summary of your selection.
  • Is everything all right? Please, check that everything is correct: model, colour, size and quantity.
  • Click on "Go to checkout" to pay for your purchase
  • The prices and shipping costs shown by default on this website are for Spain, and may vary depending on the shipping area.

2- Delivery details

  • Login or create an account. We will request all the necessary information to be able to ship your order and generate the invoice.
  • Address: check that all details are correct to avoid delivery delays.
  • The prices and shipping costs shown by default on this website are for Spain, and may vary depending on the shipping area.
  • If everything is fine, go to the checkout to pay your purchase.

3- Confirm and complete order

  • Select a shipping option: you can receive it at the address you have given us or at a Seur collection point.
  • Choose the payment method: pay by card or through PayPal (+ info on payment methods HERE)
  • Follow the payment instructions.
  • When your payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email.


This contract is executed and binding on the parties as to the obligation of supply of goods by the seller and the payment of the price set by the buyer from the time of acceptance by it.

The prices and shipping costs shown by default on this website are for Spain, and may vary depending on the shipping area.

The full payment of the price of the products listed on the tab for each of them, will be through the forms listed below :

Payment by credit card or debit card: The customer can choose to pay by credit card or debit card , so that the operation will be confirmed at the time the order is placed . The required payment will be sent to Banco Santander Central Hispano is responsible for supplying the respective remote electronic payment service , with no third party could access it . The data of the credit card shall go directly to the bank's secure website , without any of these data remain impressed on our servers .

Payment by Paypal: The customer can choose the payment mode is user provided a paypal account . The required payment is recorded in the PayPal account , with no third can access it.

 Do you have any problem to make the payment? Here are some recommendations:

  • If the payment system fails you, don't worry! Please contact us before placing a new order to avoid duplication of your purchases. We will verify the status of the transaction and help you with whatever you need.
  • As a security method, and in order to avoid possible fraud in our online store, you cannot make purchases for an amount greater than € 180 in less than 24 hours. If your order exceeds this price, please divide the purchase. If you want, you can send us an email with your order numbers requesting that they be sent together.
  • Delete the browsing history of the device from which you are trying to place the order
  • If you make the purchase from a mobile phone, try disconnecting it from the Wifi network
  • Check that you have filled in all the fields correctly.
  • Expiration date: check that your card does not exceed the validity date.
  • Try to make the payment with another card (remember that you can pay your purchases with card or through Paypal)
  • Do you have a limit on your card? Ask your bank if the card has exceeded the amount allowed to make purchases.


Right of revocation

As provided in Article 44 of the Law of the retail trade , the buyer may terminate this contract within seven days after receipt of the items. Once connected to the withdrawal of the buyer seller , it must return the goods to the seller in the same condition in which it was delivered . The seller , meanwhile , asked refund the buyer as soon as possible . Not be accepted outside the limits specified , revocations of orders or returns of goods.
The withdrawal must be reported to seller via email to the address indicated within 15 days.




We are following the recommended prevention, safety and hygiene measures in all our facilities during this situation. Our warehouse staff handle the products with gloves, in reduced shifts and following all health guidelines and instructions so that your online orders are not affected. 



Our transport companies work on the basis of knowledge and safety of both their workers and you, our customers, who are waiting for your orders in your homes. Yes, the preparation, shipping and delivery times may be altered, but our priority is everyone’s health and safety