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General Information


Access to and its use is governed by these conditions of use and sale .
Access to this Web site , its use and purchasing items in presuppose reading, understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions . The General Conditions herein are deemed to apply only to sales and transactions made ​​through the website , belonging to the company domain GARVALIN SHOES SL, between individuals and the society said .


SHOES SL GARVALIN Society was legally incorporated in Spain with CIF B- 03406931 , is registered in the Register of Companies of Alicante (Volume 1464, Book 0 , Folio 44 , Section 8 , Sheet : A 14714 ) and , for necessary purposes , is subject to the regulations issued by the courts of Alicante. Social and administrative headquarters of the company is located in Elche , Llano de San Jose Partida Polygon 1 Number 150-03291 (Alicante ) , considering this address as your mailing address and contact for any communication.


SHOES GARVALIN S. L. is engaged in the manufacture and marketing of footwear. Access to your website , his catalog of items and conditions of sale are described herein on Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale . Any act done against these conditions shall be null and void.


GARVALIN SHOES SL reserves the right to update and / or modify all or part of the contents of the General Conditions to adapt to possible changes in legislation and / or applicable regulations. The update and / or amend the General Conditions are considered effective from the moment of its publication on the website GARVALIN SHOES SL, therefore we recommend check before placing your order , the General Conditions set out in this document and in if you do not agree with the views expressed in them , cease using the site because, otherwise, be subject to the provisions of these Conditions.


Browse articles and product information sheets is free to all users and not applying any access restrictions . Similarly, open access is also called the " shopping bag " ( cart) , that allows the selection of different products and consultation before the execution of the purchase . Access is restricted access to the online store at the time of the execution and fulfillment of the order and , therefore, the contract , that is, from the time that is necessary billing data entry and related to the form of payment and that are considered personal . In this case it will be necessary to identify the user through application of an access code or , failing that , of an application to register as a new user . Once you have completed this application, the user can access the online shop to proceed to the payment of your order and, thus, to the final execution of the same .


The client, and therefore user is solely and exclusively responsible for the correct use of website and the content provided therein . S. L. GARVALIN Society SHOES not be held in any way responsible for the misuse that both the website and its contents have been made ​​by users or customers. Furthermore, the user is responsible for the veracity of the information provided to society. The false data communicated to GARVALIN SHOES SL will be grounds for denial of access to the website .

Similarly, be denied access to the site to users who have conducted illegal activities that violate a greater or lesser extent the law or that are contrary to the Terms and Conditions stated herein. Due to the illegal nature of this behavior , denial of access to be performed without requiring prior notification to the offending user by society.



Our customers , subscribers and web users are fully responsible for their behavior , to access information on the web, while sailing in the same , and after having accessed.
Therefore, our customers , subscribers and users are solely responsible and third parties :

- The consequences that may result from use , for purposes that are unlawful or contrary to this document in any web content , prepared or not , published or not under his name officially.

- The consequences that may result from the use contrary to the contents of this document and detrimental to the interests or rights of others , or in any way damage, disable or impair the website or its services or impede normal enjoyment by other users . reserves the right to update the content when appropriate and to eliminate, limit or prevent access to them , temporarily or permanently, and deny access to the site to customers and users that make misuse of the contents and / or breach any of the conditions listed herein . reports no guarantees:

1. - The acceo to the web and / or linked websites will be uninterrupted or error free .

Two . - That the content or software that customers, subscribers and users access through the web of linked websites do not contain error, computer virus or other elements in the contents that may cause alterations in the system or the electronic documents and files stored in their computer system or cause other damage .

Three . - The use that the information or contents of this website or linked websites clients , subscribers and users could perform for their own purposes.

The information contained in this website should be considered by customers, subscribers and users as informational and guidance , both in relation to its purpose and its effects , which reason : not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on this website and therefore does not accept responsibility for any damages or inconveniences for users that may result from any inaccuracy in the web .



The General Conditions herein solely regulate the sale of products offered by GARVALIN SHOES SL, through its website . The legal notices posted on this website identified the owner of the website as assigned to them in Article 10 of the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce .

The products offered on this website are for private consumption , so that their acquisition is subject to the conditions relating to the purchase agreement . The contract of sale is deemed perfected at the time the client issues the express confirmation of your order , for which you will need to accept the terms and conditions previously indicated. For this reason , GARVALIN SHOES SL, encourages customers thorough reading of both the legal notice posted on this website as to the general conditions and the product sheet in the specified features, price and shipping , before issuing formalizing acceptance and perfect order contract. This contract is made in the legal framework established by the Civil Code , the Law 7/1998 of General Conditions of Contract and the Law 7/1996 of the Retail Trade , so that the consumer has all the guarantees established for protection laws 26/1984 for the protection of Consumers and Users and 23/2003 of Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods.
Furthermore, this contract is made in the general framework for Electronic Commerce established by Law 34/2002 of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce . Similarly, the data provided by the customer during the checkout process to receive this treatment prescribed in the Organic Law 15/1999 of Protection of Personal Data .
After identifying the seller and the object of the sale in the current catalog on the website , and with reference to information on features and price of each item included in your tab.


This contract is executed and binding on the parties as to the obligation of supply of goods by the seller and the payment of the price set by the buyer from the time of acceptance by it.
The full payment of the price of the products listed on the tab for each of them, will be through the forms listed below :

- Payment by credit card or debit card : The customer can choose to pay by credit card or debit card , so that the operation will be confirmed at the time the order is placed . The required payment will be sent to La Caixa Bank is responsible for supplying the respective remote electronic payment service , with no third party could access it . The data of the credit card shall go directly to the bank's secure website , without any of these data remain impressed on our servers .

- Payment by paypal : The customer can choose the payment mode is user provided a paypal account . The required payment is recorded in the PayPal account , with no third can access it.

Second : Right of revocation
As provided in Article 44 of the Law of the retail trade , the buyer may terminate this contract within seven days after receipt of the items. Once connected to the withdrawal of the buyer seller , it must return the goods to the seller in the same condition in which it was delivered . The seller , meanwhile , asked refund the buyer as soon as possible . Not be accepted outside the limits specified , revocations of orders or returns of goods.
The withdrawal must be reported to seller via email to the address indicated within 15 days.



Shipping .

The shipping freight borne by the customer . Except in special promotions that will be in charge of GARVALIN SHOES SL

In case of return of the goods , and as outlined in Article 44 of the Law of the Retail Trade , shipping costs borne by the customer.The shipping cost is 8 € .

Two . Delivery .

The delivery time stated in calendar days , counted from the confirmation of receipt of the bank transfer . - This term may vary by product and delivery provinces .

The average shipping times are:

Spain :

• Peninsula , Seur 24Horas Except weekend.

• Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Shipping by Seur 72 Horas .

Rest of World:

• Fedex Service : 72 hours.

Russia:Correos postal- 10-15 Days

Delivery time is extended holidays.

In cases where the volume of orders involving the reduction of available stock or stocks to be communicated to the client a new delivery date will be the shortest possible . In the event that the product is discontinued or not possible to replenish stocks of the same , will communicate this to the client so that , by his own decision or select a new product with similar features and price , either cancel the order , in which case will proceed to refund any amounts delivered. If an unjustified breach of more than 20 days on the scheduled delivery date , the customer may request the revocation of the contract , the subsequent cancellation of the order and refund of the amounts paid . - There will be a default in delivery delay attributable to the customer by their own will or impossibility of its location and contact through the information provided by it.

Merchandise shipments daily from Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon , and always having finalized the address and time of delivery to the customer, who may establish a preference for a delivery date and time of their convenience. In this case, any responsibility for the delay in delivering the customer apply , never GARVALIN SHOES , SL

Upon delivery of the goods, the customer will receive the delivery note and a copy of the invoice . At the same time be sent to the email address provided by the customer's original invoice . If you do not receive the original invoice, the customer can request by email to the address , indicating the holder of the bill, the corresponding order number and e- mail address where you want to receive it.

GARVALIN SHOES , SL ships all orders through courier company SEUR .


1. - Return defective pairs final or whose appearance is far from the features that are exposed on the web .

Two . - Change size for another pair of the same model and color , if still available in stock as of request this change .

3. - Return if no conviction or satisfaction by the customer on the product purchased.

If our clients are in one of these situations , they have the possibility to contact us by writing an email to within 7 working days after receipt of the order, for our team to manage customer's request .
Return shipping costs are borne by the customer .
The payback on the customer's account as a result of such refund shall be made within 5 days from receipt of the goods by GARVALIN SHOES SL
The return can not take place in any case if the products supplied were clearly put to use .
Products must be returned properly protected in their original packaging , in perfect condition (not damaged or soiled by the customer) with all accessories , instructions and documentation . They will be sent to the location specified by GARVALIN SHOES SL in the instructions for returning the product sent via email.
In the event that the return is not accepted by the supplier to understand that the product whose return is to have been used , these products remain in the distribution warehouse to be picked up by the customer, for a period not exceeding thirty days its return.
Nor may it returned the packages , fails to show any attachment to identify the sender ( Order No. , name, address, ... ) .
The costs and risks associated with returning the product will be charged to the sender , who must be sent securely and with the necessary guarantees for the returned goods arrive in perfect condition .
The return of the products will result in a refund equal to the purchase price of the product / s returned / s and the deduction of transportation costs of return which is 8 € .
Every person that you return your product will receive an email informing you of the amount of your refund.


The items offered on this website are a selection of products GARVALIN collections , BIOMECANICS AND AGATHA RUIZ DE LA PRADA , and meet the same quality requirements and guarantee that the products offered for sale on the premises in which Garvalin distributed .
Each product is accompanied by the following information:
• Item Name
• Picture / s of the article
• Sizes and colors available
• Composition
• Price
GARVALIN SHOES , SL has made an effort to show the colors of the models as close to reality as possible . But the color on the screen may be subject to variation depending on the quality of your computer monitor . In this sense GARVALIN SHOES , SL can not guarantee that the colors displayed on your monitor are strictly true .



The signatories to this contract for the purpose of possible notifications in relation to it, set as home GARVALIN SHOES , SL indicated in the General Conditions and as home of the client, provided by it in the order form .
Similarly, and for any incident or breach in the sale , the signers of this contract are subject to the courts of Alicante in case this was another .


GARVALIN SHOES , SL reserves the right to modify the price of products and services offered through the website . To ensure the veracity customer safety and product prices are considered as foreign force in the advertising at the time of placing the order .


Right to information
In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 , of December 13 , Protection of Personal Data ( hereinafter LOPD ) , GARVALIN SHOES , SL, owner of the , informs users and customers of the existence of an automated personal data about applying security provisions established in said Law
The customer and user data collected through the forms designed for this purpose is collected for the sole purpose of providing the required service , ie the sale of footwear purchase . It also may be used to send information to customers and users that , according to information in the forms , we believe may be of interest .
The completion of the forms and sending personal data implies the acceptance and user's express consent to the processing of such data which GARVALIN SHOES , SL considers relevant times within the framework established by the LOPD .

Right of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of the users

Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification , cancellation and opposition to the processing of personal data under the terms and conditions provided in the LOPD .

To do this , they must send a letter indicating your desire to exercise this right to the address below or via e - mail to the address


Transactions website are made through secure payment platform , hosted on secure servers and SSL standards-based data protection against third parties. Furthermore, GARVALIN SHOES , SL security guarantees for the protection of personal data provided by its customers as established in Royal Decree 994/1999 , of June 11 , on security measures for automated files containing personal data .
GARVALIN SHOES , SL hereby informs its customers that it has the technical means to prevent the loss, malicious use, not permitted alteration , unauthorized access and theft of data, without prejudice to the fact communicate that security measures on the Internet are not foolproof.

Changing the privacy policy and the terms and conditions.

GARVALIN SHOES , SL reserves the right to modify and / or update this document both its privacy policy and the terms and conditions contained on the website two to adapt both to new legal regulations and jurisprudence as to new market information and industry . If applicable , GARVALIN SHOES , SL agrees to communicate such changes and / or updates to their customers.



intellectual property
Means website content all pictures and image rights, graphics , audio, video, text , trademark, copyright and related materials included in this site as well as software and application shop online and HTML codes contained on the site . According to the national legislation of intellectual property protection all content listed above are protected by the legislation and are owned by GARVALIN SHOES , SL Web Site content may only be used by the customer for authorization issued by GARVALIN about SHOES , SL so that any reproduction of the contents listed above is strictly prohibited and may have serious legal consequences . The same is , is prohibited and punishable copying, modification, distribution , transmission , reproduction , publication or commercial exploitation of the Content , software , products and services offered by GARVALIN SHOES , SL on its website and reproduction or copying of the contents of this website in servers outside GARVALIN SHOES , SL also prohibited and punishable considered the benefit obtained through the web site publishing www.garvalin . com in ways unrelated and non-contracted and / or managed directly and personally by GARVALIN SHOES , SL

Use of the website

Use of Website You are authorized to view the contents and items offered on the website, to check its features and navigate the website in order to make any transactions necessary to carry out the acquisition of the items offered . This navigation process and consultation is considered essential for the development of purchase and is also part of the web site itself . GARVALIN Security SHOES , S.L
Guarantees that their servers as the contents of your website are safe and free of viruses .

Legislation and jurisdiction

Legislation and jurisdiction GARVALIN SHOES , SL and undergo website for all purposes to Spanish legislation and standards . In any incident shall apply the provisions of the courts of Alicante long as there is no legal provision against it.