The adventures of our small users means their shoes get dirtier than we would like. At Garvalín, Biomecanics and Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada we work with top quality materials to guarantee the best results, but we are well aware that races, games and any mischief they may get into in their day-to-day activity will inevitably stain their shoes.



DO NOT put the footwear in the washing machine or in the tumble dryer (no matter how much you feel like doing so when you see what they look like after a day at school or in the park) unless otherwise specified


How do I clean LEATHER?

Washing: remove dirt with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Drying: rub the shoe with a dry cloth. NEVER put them near a heat source.

Once dry, you can use a neutral colourless shoe cream to nourish the leather (less for Nubuck leather, textiles and synthetics)


How do I clean PATENT LEATHER?

Washing: remove dirt with a damp cloth. For stubborn dirt, you can also use a mild soap.

Drying: use a soft dry cotton cloth.


How do I clean CANVAS?


Remove the insoles before putting the product in the washing machine.

Wash only on a short program and with cold water, do not add abrasive detergents and wash separately.

DO NOT wash with clothes, towels or cloths.

DRYING: Dry at room temperature, do not use the tumble dryer or hair dryer. Do not dry shoes exposed to direct sunlight as they will become stiff and discoloured.

CLEANING INSOLES: Use a damp cloth or a little mild soap if required. Dry as for shoes. Remember not to put the insoles in the washing machine and remove them regularly (preferably every night) to ensure proper care of the footwear, and thus avoid creating sweat stains or even mould.

100% COTTON WITH NATURAL FIBRES: The canvas that we use in our production is made of top quality 100% natural fibres. The Vintage finish has a worn look; this is not a defect of the product but a feature.


How do I clean MIXED LEATHER shoes?

Follow the instructions for each type of leather and clean each area with tender loving care.


Most of our designs have removable insoles. Take advantage of this fantastic feature!

Like it or not, the feet of our princes and princesses get sweaty and smelly. Therefore, in order to make the insoles last as long as possible, we recommend you to air them several times a week. By doing this:

We will avoid unpleasant smells

We will allow sweat to dry out

We will prevent the leather from going stiff

Cleaning: since they are leather insoles, you can clean them with a damp cotton cloth and let them air dry (DO NOT put them near a heat source)

DO NOT put them in the washing machine or in the tumble dryer.