In Grupo Garvalín we are aware choosing your kids correct size may be complicated and this is why we would love to help you with this.

In both Biomecanics and Garvalín shoes, we follow the usual sizing standards but, if you have doubts about the size that will best fit your child's foot or your baby first steps, have a look at our most frequently asked questions regarding sizing and here we leave you our Size Guide.


Do the sizes correspond exactly to all styles?

  • We remind you sizes are just an orientation. Depending on the sole (no matter the brand) size may be slightly different, that is why, item chosen could not adjust exactly our table figures.            
  • Canvas: They have a bigger fit than usual. Purchase the usual size you purchase you kid, check it adjust its feet and, if it is too big, ask for an Exchange by following these simple steps HERE
  • Biohome line in Biomecanics: They have a bigger fit than usual, similar to summer canvas shoes.


Do you have to add an extra centimeter when selecting the size?

Our sizes already include 1 extra centimetre so the shoe may fit widely inside the shoe, that is, if your kids’ foot sizes 10,8cm we recommend you to choose size 18, if your kids’ foot sizes 12cm we recommend you size 20 and so on.               

In Biogateo line of Biomecanics you will find a silhouette on the sole. Your kid’s foot may fit inside the shape when starting to use the shoe to ensure it fits properly.

Size chart