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Leather sandals for girl or boy Jelany


54,00 €

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  • Biomecanics BIOGATEO line, we encourage our babies to start walking earlier. Our children's footwear, always made with the best quality materials, improves their balance and stability so that our children can move more easily and safely when taking their first steps. The Spring/Summer collection is made up of versatile designs that you can use at all times: for every day or on more special occasions.


    • Maximum stability
    • Extra lightness
    • Natural movement
    • Maximum breathability
    • Maximum resistance
    • Multi-Flexibility
    • Insole antibacterial removable
    • Breathable leather
    • Upper: Leather
    • Nickel free
    • Chrome Free
    • Asociacion Pediatria

    • Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia

    • maximum stability

    • Extra Lightness

    • natural movement

    • maximum breathability

    • maximum resistance


    • Breathable leather

    • nickel free

    • chrome free

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